The DailyHoroscope App revisa


Único horóscopo que confio.


love it!


Super app


Surprisingly accurate - consistently.

Cok iyi!



Good )super!




Only horoscope app I use

Accurate AF

On point readings

Enjoying the App!


Love this app. Had it for years!


This app has helped me through lots. Get it


I have been using this app for many years on/off types. I often check it out especially when I feel stressed, depressed, or something similar mood. It never cease to amaze me to bring smile on my face over the content quite appropriate to the context magically. At times, I test the app for its veracity, it’s always fulfilling and funny to use 😀

I love it

This app is really great and helps you.

Daily Confirmation

I love reading my horoscope everyday to confirm I am going in the right direction or what I should not do . The Daily Horoscope helps me stay focus and I need that daily.


I belive in my horoscope , most of tha time it works

This is a good app

Most of the time accurately.


Sometimes insanely spot on for sun sign horoscope. Nicely written.

Love it

I enjoy reading my daily horoscope, the app is very user friendly and the readings are amazingly quite accurate.

Very insightful

I find this is the best horoscope offered. Always seems to be on target.

Loveee it ‼️

I swear some days it’s so f*#%^**% accurate. You can set daily reminders, I get to see my horoscope in the mornings it’s awesome !


Love it

Love it

This app is so amazing ❤️

Love this

Best app


This app is always accurate. It doesn’t say what will happen really, but it gives you advice to get through it


Great app!

Great horoscope app! Thx

Thank you DH for a fantastic app that uncannily addresses pressing situations I'm facing.




Its cool to have the alert option so you never have to forget your daily horoscope.


accurate af

Best App

Definitely on point ! Which it has been for years!

Best app ever

I felt it was very necessary to write a review for this app. This app is legit THE BEST EVER! It’s always on point. My friends and I swear by it and I even have a horoscope skeptic enjoying its mystical powers lol. I love this app it’s awesome!

Best Daily Reading Ever!

Best Daily Reading Ever!

Love it

I love this app, usually the other horoscope apps are so general but this one is more descriptive and I love that

I love Daily Horoscopes

My favorite app! I have read daily horoscopes since I was a freshman in high school. I’ve enjoyed using this application for over a decade now! I would recommend it to anyone!

Daily Horescope

Great App!!!!

Spot On

Not sure if that is totally accurate. I am a Pisces and the power of suggestion can sometimes be like an smooth undercurrent or an undertow! At any rate, when I haven’t read my DH for the day but cannot understand a nagging feeling or thought, I tend to check out my DH and it usually helps me see the energy I am experiencing. I also appreciate that my DH seems to be written by people who want you to know the deal-of-your-day in a kind way. Instead of “you are being a jerk today” it might read “someone close needs your patience”. Even the compatibility portion discusses each sign’s weaknesses as strengths that the other person may not understand because of their own quirky ways (and vice versa).

Spot on

Great horoscope app. Always spot on!


I usually don’t write reviews but this horoscope app is the only I know that’s freaky accurate.


Great. Very accurate which is scary but great when your bored


Lifting & positive!

THE Best

You will not find a better horoscope app. I am not kidding. I have tried them all. I am no shill either. This horoscope is as close as my life really is as it can get.

Great app!!!!

Love it

Eerie good

Subject and timing of messages are great and deep


Love my morning horoscopes

Keeping on point with my DailyHoroscope!!

I look forward every morning to my DailyHoroscope notification!!! Gets me thinking and keeps me on point with daily activities and decisions!!!


so flipping accurate holy crap


Love it


i think this app is very accurate and i would recommend it

Love It 😍

I love it how your app allows me to stay in tune with my horoscopes so easily! Thank You 💜


Good app

D H is fun

DH is a fun way to start my day .


It's very accurate !!!

Love it!

Great app, very accurate so far


It be cool

Love this app


Very accurate

This app offers accurate horoscopes more often than not. They are uplifting and inspiring. Love this app!!


Great app

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